About Mooslain Magazine. It’s a publication mainly oriented towards the business environment, which will function as an online journalism platform, complemented by sections with useful tools for the public interested in financial and ecomonic products, transport related investigations, business opportunities for investments.

Starting from the legitimate expectation that a publication oriented mainly towards the business environment should focus on exclusive news, analyzes, investigations, contextualized information and topics with approaches that are missing from the public agenda. We will not thicken the already full ranks of the media that deal in unison with the same subject, declared “breaking news”, if it does not have real informative value that is really important for the public.

Mooslain Magazine is a portal specialized in financial and business news, but we will cover topics from other fields such as culture, sports, science that influence and are influenced by the economy. But we will not publish about political life and religion except for their financial part.


Our publication will never campaign for a political party, we’ll not support politicians, we’ll not recommend the public to vote with someone in particular or to participate or not in the vote.